About Laura

Laura Stavinoha. Foto: JVA Fotografie

My name is Laura Stavinoha and I am a musical performer, composer, producer and coach specialised in voice and singing. Moreover, I have worked as a copywriter, project manager and general manager for various companies – both culture and corporate – where I have enabled and executed many projects.

This is how I work

Through use your voice, I pass on my knowledge and insights about voice and singing to those who want to grow awareness and deepening in that respect. My approach is unconventional and has the individual at centre, not one particular method or technique. Every person is unique and therefore needs a personal attitude. I use my sensitivity to tune into that level. This way, my clients offer me just as much opportunities for learning and growth as I offer to them.

I like to create an environment where you don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes and where you can freely explore your possibilities to express yourself to the fullest. Group workshops and individual sessions are offered in Dutch as well as English. My logo depictures a dolphin, as the animal is an ancient symbol of communication, intelligence, freedom and playfulness. These are all relevant core values in my way of working.

My incentives

As a vocalist, I’ve been involved in many styles: from baroque to house music and from contemporary classical to my own pop songs. For years, I have studied the spoken and unspoken rules of various music genres. But currently my focus is the authentic, intuitive voice, independent towards acknowledged traditions. Since the voice is the mirror of the soul, just like the eyes, it tells a lot about who you are.

And therefore I would like to express an opposing view against the idea that singing and music is mostly about excellence, competition and entertainment. Instead, it’s a way of making contact with yourself and others, and a means to explore and express your own creativity. To me there’s no other art form, which can affect emotion and trigger memories straight away. Almost every one understands the universal language of music, and we’ve all experienced that sense of interconnectedness during a shared, musical experience. Genuinely connecting with others gives me a lot of energy. Working with people on this level is creative, meaningful and it increases consciousness. That is why it is my mission to create connection through music and voice.

My music

When it comes to being creative myself, I often contribute to pioneering music (theatre) productions. I also write and compose music, including the release of three EP’s. The music on the second one is made with just my voice and loop station, which makes me one of the few artists in The Netherlands who invented a concert program entirely around live looping. If you want to know more about me as singer, go to www.laurastavinoha.nl

Voice coaching

Communicate with more decisiveness and expressiveness.


Find your voice and let music bring out your creativity.

Voice training videos

A free introduction to my speech training program.

Singing lessons

Anyone can experience the joy of singing.


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