Interview for Singing Circle

Anne Brattinga is a singer, songwriter, vocal coach and the founder of vocal school Singing Circle. For her YouTube channel she interviewed me about my book VOICE.

We have an open and honest conversation about performance nerves, a topic that is still considered somewhat taboo for professional singers. But no matter how well trained and experienced we are, whenever we are confronted with nervousness, perfectionism or competition, this may still affect us. And then our voices, being a function of the autonomic nervous system, will reflect this.

We also talk the hidden potential we see in our students, who sometimes at first just seem mediocre singers. Whenever they discover how to bypass their inner critic, it takes their singing to the next level. Moreover, they learn how to use their voices as a wonderful means to regulate emotions and grow creatively.

Personal growth

Let your voice activate personal development

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VOICE: A Multifaceted Approach to Self-Growth and Vocal Empowerment

Emotion regulation

Get a grip on your voice through the autonomic nervous system

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