Voice coaching for companies

Voice, business and communication

Do you have to speak in front of an audience and want to steady your nerves? Would you like to learn how to enunciate, or how to profile yourself vigorously through your voice? Are you speaking all day at work and is your voice tired out afterwards? If you want to communicate with more decisiveness and expressiveness, you can improve your personal effectiveness with a speech coach.

Speech coaching for companies

Effective communication in the workplace is not just about the words you say. If you want to work efficiently and goal orientated, the way you speak is equally important. Especially if you’re dealing with client contact: Like consultants, account managers, lawyers and employees working at customer services or sales. With a healthy, good voice you can consciously choose the right tone of voice and make impact in any situation.

My speech coaching is all about the big picture: posture, breathing, thoughts and emotions. All of those affect how your voice sounds, the impression you make and thereby how you are being understood. This all contributes to the effectiveness of your message.

With a speech coach you can achieve the following:

  • You are more confident about your voice and its possibilities
  • You present yourself vigorously during meetings and presentations
  • You use your voice as a tool to influence and negotiate
  • You show empathy and trust in communication with clients

During the training you’ll become aware of your habits concerning voice, posture and breathing. But above all, how this relates to how you present yourself.  The training can be offered for a whole team, as well as several employees. We will start with an intake interview, to find out whether your voice is physically healthy. If not, your complaint might belong to a speech therapist or an ENT-specialist.

Voice coaching for individuals

What is speech training?

Depending on what’s needed, during speech training you’ll be working on:

  • Posture and breathing
  • The connection between breathing and voice
  • Awareness of your vocal habits
  • Pronunciation, articulation and resonance
  • Volume and intelligibility
  • Intonation, word stress and melody
  • Rhythm, pace and silence
  • Public speaking training
  • Effective communication in the workplace
  • Confidence
  • Personal development
  • Dealing with stress


I offer custom-made trainings and courses. The content and training goals will always be by mutual agreement. Please contact me for more information or a quotation.


“I learned that if you speak from the heart rather than from the head, your message will have more impact on the recipient. This is very helpful for me, personally as well as professionally!”
(Marike, legal expert)


Voice coaching

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