Studio rental

Recording your demo in Amsterdam

Do you want to record your demo as a solo artist, or with an orchestral backing track? For simple audio recordings you are welcome in my home studio in the west of Amsterdam. The space has pleasant and natural acoustics, and I can facilitate professional recordings for up to two instruments. Such as for instance guitar and vocals, piano and vocals or a part for a wind- or string instrument.


On-site equipment:

• Røde NT2-A large diaphragm condensator
• Røde M3 condensator
• Shure Beta 58a dynamisch
• Shure SM 58 dynamisch

• Roland FP4 digitale piano
• Roland Juno 106 synthesizer
• Ibanez jazz bas (left handed)


• Boss RC-300 loop station
• TC Helicon VoiceLive 2

Recording tools:
• Logic Pro
• Motu UltraLite mixer en sound card
• Behringer Truth B1030A monitor speakers


The costs for renting the recording studio, including engineer, are €55,- per hour
or €200,- for a 4-hour part of the day.

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