Voice as a mirror of inner states

Well-timed! Right after I heard that I’m invited to present my work at the Dabrowski congress in Denver this year, my guest appearance on the Positive Disintegration podcast goes live. In conversation with Chris Wells and Emma Nicholson, we discuss the human voice as a tool for communication and reflection of our inner state. We touch upon many subjects like emotions, stress levels, dynamisms, the nervous system, voice problems, ADHD, overexcitabilities. And last but not least, doing the developmental work that will benefit not only your voice, but also your growth as a human being.

Personal growth

Let your voice activate personal development

Emotion regulation

Get a grip on your voice through the autonomic nervous system

Voice training

Communicate with decisiveness and expressiveness

Singing lessons

Anyone can experience the joy of singing


VOICE: A Multifaceted Approach to Self-Growth and Vocal Empowerment