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Do you like to sing, but do you feel that something is getting in the way? Do you experience your voice as a vulnerable quality, or an obstacle to express yourself musically? Do you sing completely freely when no one can hear you, but suddenly does your voice not come out well when facing an audience? Generally, everyone has innate musicality and everyone is able to enjoy singing. This is not always a matter of course, however. If you experience that in yourself, I can coach you in that respect.

Your individual voice considered

I am not a vocal coach who keeps up with the latest pop hits, nor do I work with one particular method or technique. In my lessons, I will encourage the development of your authentic voice and the identification of blockages that stand in your way.

Moreover, I don’t make a tight distinction between popular and classical music, as I work in both fields and I believe that one need not necessarily rule out the other. By developing the right techniques you can sing whatever your want, in a way that suits you. If you like we can also work on music theory, solfège, accompanying yourself and song writing. Voice lessons take place in my studio in Amsterdam.

Who will benefit

In my work I mainly focus on the of coaching speaking voices. In addition, I have a limited number of places available for singing lessons for a special target group. If you would like to explore your singing voice in relation to stage fright or your personal, emotional development, you are welcome to contact me. If you request a trial lesson, please clearly indicate which blockages you experience with your voice, and what you would like to work on in the lessons.

Prices 2024*

Trial lesson: € 50,- (60 minutes)

60 minute classes
Single class: € 65,-
Package of 5 lessons: € 312,50 (6 months valid)
Package of 10 lessons: € 600,- (12 months valid)

45 minute classes
Single class: € 50,-
Package of 5 lessons: € 237,50 (6 months valid)
Package of 10 lessons: € 450,- (12 months valid)

*Prices are including 21% VAT. If you are under 21, you don’t have to pay VAT.

Within a package, you can turn one of the singing classes into a studio recording session for one of the songs you’re working on, in my home studio. At the end, you’ll receive a professionally edited and mixed audio recording of yourself on mp3. But you’re also free to leave this option out.


“Thanks to Laura I know now that singing with audicity is something you can learn. By applying singing techniques, relating to the lyrics and consciously feeling what you’re doing. And most of all, by having fun.”

“Laura’s lessons take place in a relaxed ambience, and this helps me to overcome bumps of tension and embarrassment. This way, almost unknowingly, she creates the conditions for me to call on all the aspects of my voice and to let it sound free and easy.”

Personal growth

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Voice training

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Singing lessons

Anyone can experience the joy of singing


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