Singing lessons

Experience the joy of singing

Maybe you already sing everyday. Or you want to sing, but you feel blocked or you have stage fright. You might want to perform for an audience, or just sing for your own fun. Whatever your motives are: if you want to find your true voice, you are welcome to have vocal coaching with me. Because everyone is born with a natural ability for music and can experience the joy of singing. Moreover, there is a lot of brain activity going on while you make music. So it’s even really good for you! By singing, you will:

  • Train your memory
  • Boost your immume system
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Be more connected to the present moment
  • Become aware of the expressiveness of your voice

Your individual voice considered

As a vocal coach, I will encourage the development of your authentic voice. I’m not using one specific method or technique, since every voice is unique and incomparable with any other. Also, I don’t make a tight distinction between popular and classical music, as I work in both fields and I believe that one need not necessarily rule out the other. By developing the right techniques you can sing whatever your want, in a way that suits you.

You can come to me if you want to sing particular repertoire, but also if you are a singer-songwriter and play your own songs on piano or guitar. Together we work on interpretation, breathing and vocal training, without compromising your own sound. If you like we can also work on music theory, solfège, accompanying yourself and song writing. Voice lessons take place in my studio in the west of Amsterdam.


“Thanks to Laura I know now that singing with audicity is something you can learn. By applying singing techniques, relating to the lyrics and consciously feeling what you’re doing. And most of all, by having fun.”

“Laura’s lessons take place in a relaxed ambience, and this helps me to overcome bumps of tension and embarrassment. This way, almost unknowingly, she creates the conditions for me to call on all the aspects of my voice and to let it sound free and easy.”

Personal growth

Let your voice activate personal growth.

Voice coaching

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Singing lessons

Anyone can experience the joy of singing.


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