Let your voice activate conscious growth

Your voice as barometer

Do you have the feeling that you don’t come across as who you really are, that there’s more to you than what the outside world sees of you? Or do you continue to face the same problems over and over? And do you think that your voice plays a role here? Your voice is kind of a barometer, and can be an indication for something that is out of balance in another area of your life. If you are ready for the next step and want to get to the core of your (voice) problem, we can start a more in-depth coaching process in which you combine voice training with personal development and awareness. This program is grounded in the Theory of Positive Disintegration and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

An invitation for personal growth

How do you lead a happy and meaningful life, how do you make the most of it? We are all confronted with setbacks that seem to stand in the way of our ideal image of ‘how life should be’. This can feel unfair, unjust or useless. We usually then try to avoid the related pain, anxiety and unwelcome feelings by fighting against it. But does this really improve the quality of your life, will you find more meaning? Many people experience the opposite. So what would it be like if you consider life’s setbacks as an opportunity to learn, to become increasingly self-aware?

A voice problem can be a symptom of an inner conflict: an invitation to face a part from yourself that you’re turning down, or to start living according to your own values. If you enter that process, you will increasingly learn more about your own inner world, what this means for your personality and the way you want to live. It is a process that reveals what really matters to you. Eventually you’ll make a shift from ‘surviving daily life’ to ‘experiencing daily life’.

Your voice as vulnerability ánd as strength

Something that plays a role in your development potential, is your level of hypersensitivity to stimuli. Your voice is pre-eminently one of the forms of expression in which overexcitabilities can manifest themselves. This can be in the form of something that is bothering you, a vulnerability. But you can also transform that same characteristic into a strength, a talent. Below you see a few examples of what that might look like. Do you want to know more about the overexcitabilities? Then read this blog post.

Coaching program: ‘Let your voice activate conscious growth’

In this coaching program we take your request for help on the voice level as a starting point and we put this in the broad context of your personal, emotional development. If you really want to change something about the way you speak, is it at least important to consider your emotions in this process. In addition to voice training, we’ll do several exercises from the ACT method. And there is extra time and space for in-depth reflections on your feelings, talents, conflicts, beliefs, values, wishes, and whatever else comes up for discussion. Taking the course, you’ll get:

  • A customised coaching program
  • 8 personal 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Combined with a package of voice exercises, tailored to your situation
  • Assignments, hand-outs with exercises and audio recordings
  • Feedback on your assignments and email support

Who will benefit  

This course is for anyone who perceives their voice as an obstacle to express themselves the way they want, or to connect with others. You sense that you are ready for taking the next step in your life, and you are willing to get to work on this in a self-reflective way. Especially if you recognize yourself as sensitive, creative, inquisitive, fast thinking and intense, you have come to the right place.

Clarity call

Are you interested in this type of coaching and would you like to know more? In that case I’ll invite you for a free, 30 minute clarity call by phone or via Skype. In the interview we will formulate your request for help and we can both decide whether I’m the right voice coach for you. During the call it is also relevant to find out whether your voice is physically healthy. If not, your complaint might belong to a speech therapist or an ENT-specialist. Contact me to book your free clarity call, or for more information.


“I strongly advice coaching with Laura. Most of us are not aware of the power our voice has, and how it reflects all of our emotions. We started working on breathing styles and discovering the lower and the higher pitches in my voice. Later, we focussed especially on finding out why my voice sounds like it does. I became aware of my inner self, accepting it and taking control of it. I believe that this new awareness brought another view to my perception. Our voice is a gift and we should not take it for granted. If you discover it’s power, it will take you on a lovely journey to your inner self, where you will find a ‘new you’.
Thank you Laura, for being my buddy through that journey.”
Shirin, commercial finance manager

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