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Empower your voice – eBook with 7 tips

Do you have the feeling that you don’t come across as who you really are, that there’s more to you than what the outside world sees or hears of you? If you perceive your voice as an obstacle to express yourself the way you want, or to connect with others, I think this is the right book for you.

7 tips to empower your voice

You will read how certain personality traits can influence the way you speak, and I will give you seven tips to empower your voice on a deeper level. This means you won’t find any quick fixes here. I don’t offer tricks on how to lower your pitch for a sense of authority, neither a checklist for a kick-ass presentation style. My method is an invitation for you to regard your voice as a starting point for introspection and personal development.   

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Among all eBooks, this is an absolute gem! To say it loud and clear. Laura integrates a rich combination of experiences and insights into her work here.
Elles, physician, coach and trainer

Improve your communication – Videos with 8 tips

 If you’re a consultant, account manager or working at customer services or sales, you would definitely benefit from speech training. But overall, it’s a great tool for anyone dealing with verbal communication at work. Let your voice contribute to your business success!

Work on effective communication in the workplace with this free introduction to my speech coaching program:

  • 12 short videos with 8 tips to improve your communication
  • Feel more confident about your voice and its possibilities
  • Use your voice to enhance to the effectiveness of your message
  • Bonus chapter: Tips for telephone conversations

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