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Find your voice and make it heard!

Are you looking for a fun and educational training for your team? In this workshop you’ll discover how you can use your voice in several ways. Moreover, you’ll have an engaging and creative day, with the opportunity to get to know each other differently.

Hów you say things, is at least as important as whát you’re saying. This workshop will make you become more aware of your breathing, your voice and the way you present yourself. But also how this is connected to your posture, thoughts and emotions. Working with your voice will improve your presentation skills and boost your confidence.


This workshop contributes to:

  • Improved co-operation
  • A greater sense of team spirit
  • Insight into group dynamics
  • Constructively setting boundaries
  • Enhancing problem-solving abilities
  • Creating space for inspiration
  • Awareness of your own voice and the impression you make
  • Improved presentation skills



We will explore the connection between body, breathing and voice, and your (un)conscious habits in this area. Furthermore, we will look at several voice techniques, and how you can use these to communicate with more decisiveness and expresiveness. Participants will put this into practice by presenting long and short texts and interaction with other participants. We work in small groups, so it’s possible to give each other feedback and address individual problems and questions.


Training goals

  • Develop greater awareness of the way you use your voice and its effect on others
  • Determine your personal areas of concern and learning objectives
  • Learn breathing and voice exercises that will support your goals


Image: Mashable Composite, Getty Creative, Mustafa Hacalaki
Beeld: Mashable Composite, Getty Creative, Mustafa Hacalaki



‘Find your voice and make it heard’ can be booked as halve day workshop on location, for a maximum of eight people. Customisation is possible. Please contact me for more information or a quotation.

Use your voice has worked with, amongst others, ABN AMRO, Gilead, Gemeente Amsterdam, ADM Europe, Prokino Meander, De Metselarij, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Albert Heijn, Wyzer, Richemont and Ziekenhuis Ter Gooi.

General Conditions


“Laura facilitates the process very kindly and professionally, without losing sight of the individual cause. You are able to understand and learn a lot in relatively short time. After participating, you’ll have practical exercises and guidelines to get things going. Laura is clear and to-the-point, with a great sense of humour.”
Annemare, performer


“Worlds opened up for me, a beautiful development process emerged. Whether you’re more experienced or not in this field, I highly recommend to practise your voice under the fresh guidance of Laura. Her approach is wise, playful and structured, a very pleasant combination. Moreover, she has a great deal of extensive knowledge and seamlessly adapts to newly discovered concerns. The initial tension I experienced was welcomed, and relaxed steadily during the varied exercises and thanks to Laura’s insightful feedback.”
Lotte, life coach, public speaker and teacher


“The workshop was literally a refreshing awareness. Your voice is a reflection of your emotional world, but also so much more than that: it is a wonderful instrument that can influence the world from which it originates. It was truly impressive how, in a few hours time, Laura had created a safe environment to let us experience how ‘being aware with your voice’ can greatly contribute to fun and quality during a presentation or performance. A week later, I read a personal poem to a group of people. With attention to voice and breathing, this became an experience that I could not only enjoy myself, but the content was also more impactful received by the audience.”
Rob, business analist

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