Incompany workshops

A team building or inspirational activity

Organising a workshop where the voice is central, contributes to teambuilding and creativity. But moreover, you’ll have an engaging and educational day, with the opportunity to get to know each other in a different way.

These workshops contribute to:

  • Improved co-operation
  • A greater sense of team spirit
  • Insight into group dynamics
  • Learning to let go
  • Conveying your limits constructively
  • Enhance your problem-solving abilities
  • Creating space for inspiration
  • Awareness of your own voice and the impression you make
  • Improved presentation

Use your voice has worked with, amongst others, ABN AMRO, Gemeente Amsterdam, ADM Europe, Prokino Meander, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Albert Heijn and Ziekenhuis Ter Gooi.

Workshops for individuals

Breathing and speaking: luckily this happens mostly unconsciously, without you having to focus while doing so. But hów you say things, is at least as important as whát you’re saying. This workshop will make you become more aware of your breathing, your voice and the way you present yourself. But also how this is connected to your posture, thoughts and emotions. Working with your voice improves your presentation skills and gives your self-confidence a boost.

Training goals

  • Develop greater awareness of the way you use your voice and its effect on others
  • Determine your personal areas of concern and learning objectives
  • Learn breathing and voice exercises that will support your goals


We will explore the connection between body, breathing and voice, and your (un)conscious habits in this area. Furthermore we will look at several voice techniques, and how you can use these to communicate with more decisiveness and expresiveness. Participants will practice this by reading aloud long and short texts, and interaction with other participants. We work in a small group, so this means it’s possible to give each other feedback and pay attention to individual problems and questions.


‘Find your voice and make it heard’ can be booked as a halve day workshop on location, for a maximum of six people. Customisation is possible. Please contact me for more information or a quotation.

Image: Mashable Composite, Getty Creative, Mustafa Hacalaki Image: Mashable Composite, Getty Creative, Mustafa Hacalaki

Creativity is a value of ever growing importance, since it’s a fact that a lot of non-creative, operational work will be computerised in the future. Already now, computers are able to do certain things faster, more efficient and conscientious than any human. But humans continue to be unique: they can look beyond the knowledge they own, connect the dots and create something new. But what exactly is creativity? It doesn’t equal art, by all means. Everybody has the capacity to being creative, but not everyone knows how to use this skill. Making music is one of the ways to train this, and singing together is how we achieve it in this workshop.

Training goals

  • Discover your own creative abilities
  • Give space to emotions, wishes and new ideas
  • Get to know your voice better and develop a greater awareness of how you present yourself
  • Experience to what degree you’re willing leave your comfort zone
  • Learn to relax: get out of your mind and into your body


Singing together contributes to teambuilding and creativity, as well as decreases stress. It is not about singing ‘beautiful’ or ‘professional’. In this perspective, singing is a tool to trigger your creativity. Making music makes it easier to connect with your emotions, passions and motivations. And how does creativity work in the brain? The tools that trigger creativity make you more efficient, productive, and they contribute to the further development of your skills. We will also look at presentation skills, and how voice techniques contribute to the effectiveness of your message.


‘Let music make you more creative’ can be booked as a workshop for a maximum of 20 people on location for a whole or a halve day, with one or two workshop directors. Customisation is possible. Please contact me for more information or a quotation.

24 hour resonance Photo: Poike Stomps

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