Use your voice.

Because it’s more than just a carrier for words. Your voice is unique, and says a lot about who you are. Use your voice is for every one who wants to learn more about voice, personally and professionally. Become aware of  your voice as a powerful and creative means to connect or make music.

Voice coaching

Communicate with more decisiveness and expressiveness.


Find your voice and let music bring out your creativity.

Voice training videos

A free introduction to my speech training program.

Singing lessons

Anyone can experience the joy of singing.

Do you have to speak in front of an audience but you experience stage fright? Would you like to learn how to enunciate, or how to present yourself vigorously through your voice? If you want to communicate with more decisiveness and expressiveness, you can improve your voice with a speech coach.

“We learned that if you speak from the heart rather than from the head, your message will have more impact on the recipient. This is very helpful for me, personally as well as professionally!”


Legal expert

“Laura’s approach to the workshop is very kind and professional, whereas individual needs are met as well. In relatively short time you will gain lots of insights. She is clear and to-the-point, with a great sense of humour.”



“Thanks to Laura I know now that singing with audicity is something you can learn. By applying technique, relating to the lyrics and consciously feeling what you’re doing. And most of all, by having fun.”


Nurse practisioner

“Participating in this workshop as a team reinforces your teamspirit, you will get to know each other in a completely different way. Also, you work on personal development. It was an exciting and inspiring day which I can sincerely recommend to others.”


Quality consultant

“Laura’s lessons take place in a relaxed ambience, and this helps me to overcome bumps of tension and embarrassment. This way, almost unknowingly, she creates the conditions for me to call on all the aspects of my voice and to let it sound free and easy.”



“Lessons with Laura are custom-made, with professional advice to improve your base level. She is inventive and really wants to know what your wishes are.“




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