Use your voice.

Because it’s more than just a carrier for words: a unique instrument that reflects your inner world. Use your voice is for every one who wants to learn more about voice, personally and professionally. Become aware of  your voice as a powerful and creative means to connect and express yourself.

Personal growth

Let your voice activate personal growth.

Voice training

Communicate with more decisiveness and expressiveness.


VOICE: A Multifaceted Approach to Self-Growth and Vocal Empowerment

Singing lessons

Anyone can experience the joy of singing.


Incompany workshops: find your voice and make it heard!

Now available: my book VOICE

Do you experience your voice as a limitation or a blockage? Do you feel that you are not always being heard? Does your voice change according to the situation you’re in? This book provides an answer to why your voice doesn’t always seem to be in your control.

VOICE Laura Stavinoha

Out now: my book VOICE

VOICE mentors the self-examination of your voice and the related emotional processes. Once you get to know yourself, become increasingly self-aware and acknowledge your vulnerabilities

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