Guest on Third Factor podcast

What goes into making your voice sound good, and what does the nervous system have to do with it? Jessie Mannisto interviews me for Third Factor about the challenge of transmuting overexcitability into talent, a process I learned first from experience. We discuss what really makes an effective speaker (connecting to your values!) and how […]

Interview for Singing Circle

Singing Circle

Anne Brattinga is a singer, songwriter, vocal coach and the founder of vocal school Singing Circle. For her YouTube channel she interviewed me about my book VOICE. We have an open and honest conversation about performance nerves, a topic that is still considered somewhat taboo for professional singers. But no matter how well trained and […]

Watch the video of my book launch party

How can I convey what my book VOICE is about, and why I wrote it? For the book launch at Hannah’s Amsterdam, I asked fellow voice coach and performer Margo van de Linde to interview me. Margo has also worked on the publication as a proofreader, and I couldn’t have wished for a better introduction […]

Out now: my book VOICE

VOICE Laura Stavinoha

VOICE mentors the self-examination of your voice and the related emotional processes. Once you get to know yourself, become increasingly self-aware and acknowledge your vulnerabilities as well as your talents, your voice and your message will become more powerful. As a result, you will build self-confidence, express yourself better and be heard. Do you experience […]

Voice problems as signs of positive Disintegration

Voice Problems as Signs of Positive Disintegration

This presentation is made for the 15th International Dabrowski Congress in Denver, Colorado, 2022. In two case studies I will demonstrate how I use overexcitabilities and dynamisms in voice coaching, and how consequently the voice can be a counsellor in someone’s developmental process. Our voice is a barometer for our emotional state. And because of […]

This is why your voice is not always within your conscious control

The polyvagal Theory | use your voice

Why do we speed up our speech or raise our pitch when we are nervous? And why does it seem like all of this happens outside of our conscious control? It is worth knowing that your body’s slightest sense of unsafety can change your voice, even if you are not consciously feeling unsafe. The first […]

The self-help industry: Where’s the catch?

Zelfhulp: zegen of vloek?

I work with people and their voices. If you have the feeling that because of your voice, you don’t come across as who you really are, it is nice to know that it is possible to do something about it. Then we can work together on vocal techniques, clarity, effectiveness, authenticity, nerves and a lot […]

Dealing with anxiety in times of uncertainty – Part 2: Grow your resilience

Boost je veerkracht | use your voice

In my previous post I talked about the difference between pain and suffering, and how childhood core wounds can trigger unnecessary suffering in your adult life. In this post, I will demonstrate my flowchart to help grow your resilience and to find an alternative for suffering. But first I want to explain some more about […]

Dealing with anxiety in times of uncertainty – Part 1: pain and suffering

I think it is safe to say that everyone has been swept out of their comfort zone to some extent, lately. COVID-19 confronts us in a painful manner with the aspects of human existence that we’re particularly not fond of: mortality, vulnerability, dependence and uncertainty. Within two months, this virus has spread all over the […]

Why my name doesn’t say anything about my cultural identity

Amsterdam, the place where I was born and lived for almost my entire life, has become one of the most culturally diverse cities I know. We have welcomed lots of permanent migrants – and especially in the last decade – a lot of people on temporary working visa. As a voice coach with a bi-lingual […]